7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Sentimientos flamenco grupo

Musical journey throughout neighborhoods of Andalucia , with authentic flamenco dance by Isabella Galeou. Puro Flamenco Cante, Musica y Baile, authentic flamenco song, music and dance.
The Sentimientos Flamenco Grupo is a traditional flamenco band based in Athens. It was created by the teacher and the flamenco dancer Isabel Galeou and guitarist Dimitri Koukoulitaki, supporters of traditional and authentic flamenco.
At Melijazz 2012 they will present very dynamic flamenco, including rhythms such as: Alegria, Solea por Buleria, Solea, Farruca, Rumba Flamenca, Tangos Flamenco, Buleria.

Members of the band are:

Isabella Galeou (dance choreography)
Dimitris Koukoulitakis (guitar, music editor)
Yota “Baron” (song)
Pedro Fabian (cajon-kachon)

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