7 – 10 July, Leonidio

Next time, next year!


Musical journey in the Western Mediterranean, with familiar sounds from Greek villages in Lower Italy and from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.. The ensemble Carousel will take us on melodic journey of fados and folk songs of Portugal, the Spanish tradition and Sephardic songs by Italian local melodies , the kantsonetes and tarantellas. They haven’t excluded the traditional Greek music and in this way they have created bridges among different sounds of different cultures.
The Carousel are:

Marialena Spinoulas (vocals , percussion )
Seems Nousia (vocals , percussion )
Makis Papagavriil (vocals , percussion , guitar , mandolin )
John Alygizakis (guitar , mandolin )
John Georgantelis ( accordion , guitar)
Nick Psarianos (vocals , bass )

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