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The tomato’s scientific name is Solanum lycopersicum, meaning “wolf peach”.


In Italian the tomato is called “pomo d’oro” (golden apple), in France the “pomme d’amour” (love apple) for its alleged aphrodisiac qualities and in Germany “Paradise Apfel” (heavenly apple).


Technically speaking, tomatoes are actually a fruit, not a vegetable. Considering the confusion, the state of Arkansas actually officially declared it to be both a fruit and a vegetable.


Deadly Nightshade


It was once believed that tomatoes were poisonous, as they belong to the deadly nightshade family.

Enormous Plant
The largest tomato plant in the world is a tree growing inside Florida’s Walt Disney World – it produces 32,000 tomatoes a year.

Originally from Andalusia, it is one of the most common dishes found in Spanish cuisine: it’s a tomato soup best served cold, which is great during the summer.

It’s the most famous tomato-based sauce in the world. Although it is widely used in America, its origins are actually from the Far East; the term itself is derived from the Malay word “kecap”.

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Several countries around the globe have sent tomato seeds to outer space in order to grow the vegetable in zero gravity.

Unconventional Usage 
Among the less conventional uses of the tomato juice is that which involves cinematography. On the set of crime films it is a perfect substitute for human blood.


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More than ten thousand varieties exist, from those that resemble small cherries to those that are completely hollow on the inside, in many different shapes and with very different flavors.