7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Cartoon Exhibition: “Magic Humor”

The Group Cartoon Exhibition “Magic Humor”, a tribute to the Colombian writer and Nobel prize winner in Literature, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, joined the 6th Ibero-American Festival “Literature in Athens” (LEA) which held from 10th to 15th of June 2014 in Athens.
The hospitality of the Exposure at melitzazz 2014, was made possible by the generous sponsorship and support of the Festival LEA and the Embassy of Colombia.

“Many years later, against the passage of cartoonists, Colonel literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez will fume that distant night when his father took him to show him the ice. There, on the wall, waiting for him tens of sketches that attempted to explain the man and his work. To bow in a humble genius.
There was no big fuss, with drums and violins to announce his new works, only silence, because the magician of reality was no longer among us. However, we know that wherever you are you will see the exhibition and he will say to himself: So old i look like?
This is just a small sample of wonder that awaken the Colombian Nobel laureate in areas closely united by the imagination, such as cartoon and letters.” (Nani Mosquera and Omar Figueroa Turcios, Colombians karikatourists)

In the exhibition, recognized cartoonists and prominent personalities are participating mainly from Latin America and other countries. Point of interest is the participation of Venezuela, represented by caricatures from the famous Venezuelan cartoonist Eduardo Sanampria.
Eduardo Sanampria, better known as «Edo» has been honored twice (2005 and 2008) with the Prize «Pedro Leon Zapata», awarded by the newspaper «El Nacional» the best cartoonist VEE. Also, in 2007 won the “Golden Pen” as the best cartoonist in the 1st humorous Living Arts of Ibero-American Festival of the Arts


  • Argentina: Adrián Palmas, David Pugiese, Ed Carosia, Gusi Bejer, Matías Tolsa, Roger Mariano Luna,
  • Brasil: J. Bosco, Fred Ozanan, Glen Batoca, Thiago Bertoni, Tiago Santos, Amorim, Junior López, Silvano Mello, Ulises José de Araujo
  • Bulgaria: Valentin Georgiev
  • Cuba: Ángel Boligán, Francisco Blanco, Joseph Rosado, Miriam Alonso, Raul de la Nuez, René de la Nuez
  • Colombia: Nani Mosquera, Omar Figueroa Turcios, Αlfin, Chocolo, Jairo Guarnizo, Camilo Triana, Carlos Cardona, Cristian Sánchez, Diego Fernando Agudelo, Elena Ospina, Estela Peralta, Fernando Zuleta, Arnold Álvarez, Jaime Poveda, Jairo Peláez, Javier Castro, John Jairo Gómez, Jorge Restrepo, Juan Camilo Lopera, Lino Wchima, Oscar Javier Castro Riveros, Raúl Grisales, Restrepo, Salvador Heras, Triana, Betto, Jairo Linares
  • Costa Rica: Ferreol Murillo
  • Ecuador: Bogar Chancay, Vilma, Paco Pincay
  • España: Arturo Molero, El tren amarillo, Eulogia Merle, Joaquín Aldeguer, Jaume Cap de Vila, Matias,
  • Francia: René Bouschet
  • Irán: Navid Sharifi
  • México: Chubasco, Darío Castillejos, Rafael Ruiz, Cintia Bolio, Jimena Mosqueda, Maricruz Gallut
  • Panamá: Silvio Τroya, Benjamín Zamudio,
  • Perú: Omar Zeballos, Valois Inga González
  • Portugal: Antonio Antunes,
  • Serbia: Nikola Ojdania
  • Uruguay: Luis Haro, Raquel Orzuj Litvan
  • Venezuela: Eduardo Sanabria