7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Polytimou Tower

The trident with the dolphin at the gate, the Politimos family crest, leads to a bright example of naval tower, architectural technique of Spetses, according to the standards of other naval mansions of the era. The entrance is impressive with triple arched stone lintel . The two semicircles in the door from cornerstones and the dome of the loggia , also from cornerstones, forming an incredible stone semicircle.

The Tower , that is listed as a historic building, property of Eustathiou family, has a typical oblong shape with loopholes that emphasize it’s defensive character, with small windows and skylights. The curved limestone frames under the roof reference to Venetian standards. Characteristic was the locker, the little box that served as a lighthouse with a candle and a picture oriented to the sea.