7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Steam-powered rollers

«Used at the beginning of the century for the construction of the road connecting the town of Leonidio, with its port, Plaka»

In 1914, the Greek Government had ordered 10 steam rollers from AVELING & PORTER a factory from Kent, England. Around 1930-1932 a large barge arrived in port of Plaka carring a rather unsual steamroller as it was only 8 tons. It had an emblem of the horse of Kent, which was later used by Enzio Ferrari! This machine is closely connected to the road Plaka-Leonidio and present a  part of a brilliant historical period of Leonidio. Construction of the road  Plaka-Leonidio took a lot of time mainly due to  lack of money, damage from the compactor, but also due to technique itself .It was certanly difficult to repair damages that occured on steamnroller. And the technique was a hindrance.There wasn’t any other locomotive crusher to produce ‘gravel’ at that time,so workers broke the stones with hammers and produced gravel. In this way they needed almost five years to build the road.

Photographs from the archive of Dina Vitzilaiou