7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Art exibiton of Nestor Varveris

The great and unknown to most, ascetic and contemplative, emotional and expressive painter, born in Leonidio in 1867 deaf-mute. This disadvantage did not prevent him to engage in painting  from the age 13.

He studied Fine Arts under professors Nikiforos Litra and Spyridon Prosalentis, and had a friendly relationship with the classmate Roilos. Afterwards, he studied in Paris painting school for the deaf where he got associated with Emile Zola .He was praised by  George A. and Ch. Washington for his talent.

After his studies he was living  in Piraeus, Syros and finally he got settled in  Leonidio, at the beautiful two-storey stone mansion. He dealt mainly with portraits, paintings and landscapes. The symmetry, the shadings, movements and especially lighting emphasize his balance, mental strength and the sensitivity which he gained at the perfect surrounding of Leonidio.His masterpieces are  “The Birth of Christ”, “The entrance of Kolokotronis Nemea” in the Louvre, “The destruction of Dramali”.  A curious virtuoso could admire his works in photographic imaging at Town Hall of Leonidio which was a gift of his nephew Leo Varveri.His nephew also preserved some of his works which are now in their family house.His works are also in the Louvre, the National Gallery and in private collections. The Municipality of Leonidio has planned to organize the second major exhibition of his works since  there are over 50 portraits and more than 20 paintings and landscapes.