7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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“Beauty” Photo exhibition by Victoria Tzoura

Victoria Tzoura was  born in 1984 in Aigio. She is studying at the Preschool Education Department  and has been an amateur photographer for last 8 years participating in several group exibitions.She attended the school of Platon Rivellis a photographer and writer who has presented her work at Benaki museum.
She is a member of the “Photography Circle”, participating in the album published in December 2014.
She has received the following awards :
2013 Award at the  4th Competition for Poetry and Photography Evosmos Thessaloniki.
2013Her work is  published in Greek Magazine Photographer on monothematic “Portrait”.
2014Award  at the 3rd Festival of Photography.
2014, Award at the exibition contest  “Comapninship” Athens, Exarchia.

“Beautiful,” photography exhibition, Melitzazz 2016

The theme of the exhibition is the journey. The journey that makes the soul to come out to the light.This path is nothing but transitions forms between Light and Darkness. During this journey, life exchange postcards with death.The photo is here to immobilize the time. But can a photo compete eternity?

This exibition is intended to cause the aesthetic emotion and become a communication tool for  expressing feelings, , joy, sadness exaltation and the inner world.