7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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“Hidden corners of Leonidio” Photo Exibition by Dina Vitzilaiou

Dina Vitzilaiou  was born and raised in Athens. She studied graphic design and photography at the Doxiadis School. and has been working for many years as a photographer and graphic designer. In 2006  she makes a major  decision to leave Athens,  and she chooses to settle permanently in favorite Poulithra. And right  then, the love of photography wedded to the inexhaustible photographic landscape of Leonidio and Poulithra. In 2009, in order to “accommodate” and “communicate” the rich photographic material, she  created the blog “Leonidio-Poulithra” which she  maintains until today, making remarkable tributes to various themes  from Leonidio , Poulithra and the wider region of South Kynouria.

“Corners of Leonidio,” photography exhibition, Melitzazz 2016

Apart from capturing the natural beauty of the area, Dina Vitzilaiou wanted to associate her photos with the past of this place and mainly of Leonidio, the heart of Tsakonia, with endless referencesof its  great architecture, customs , traditions and rich history of the place, probably unknown to many.

This is the occasion for this year exibition  and thre visitors will have the opportunity to dicover and learn about leonidio through photographic lenses of Dina of the exhibition “Corners of Leondiou” to visitors of this year’s Melitzazz discover and learn through the photographic lenses of  Dina Vitzilaiou .