7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Parnonas Flora Center of Leonidio

On Wednesday 5 July at 9:00 the Parnonas Information Center will open its doors by displaying three documentary films in the protected area of Parnonas Ecological Park, which were implemented by the Management Authority of Parnonas and Mustos wetlands.

The “Leonidio Information Center  Flora of Mount Parnon” was one of the four information infrastructures of the Management Body of Parnonas and Moustos Wetland (Project Owner), which was implemented in the framework of Subprojects 13 and 14 of the Action “Protecting and Conserving the Biodiversity of Mount Parnonas And Moustos Wetland “of EPPERAA 2007-2013. For the restoration of the housing building, a Programming Agreement was signed with Regional Development Company of Parnonas which completed the relevant contract as a Implementing Body.

The building is two-storey, stone, tile roofs, “C” shape, typical example of two-storey house urban commercial prosperity of the 19th century that is found in Leonidio and the wider region. This type of residence retains the basic internal organization of the previous “rural” standards while enriching it with new elements, usually brought from abroad, mixed with classicist elements.

The ceiling and frieze of the hall, which were restored and preserved, is a typical example of the decoration of Leonidio’s urban houses of the time, possibly performed by an artist from Constantinople.

The exhibition will be open to all kinds of visitors: individual tourists / tourists in the wider region, ecotourists, teachers and students, organized groups of visitors, local actors, the local population and entrepreneurs involved in ecotourism in the region .The student community is a particular target, as this site will act as an area of environmental education and can act as a pole of attraction for thousands of students, offering a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge about the natural environment and to be sensitized to the protection.

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