7 – 10 July, Leonidio

Next time, next year!

The Merry Widow

A completely original show!

The famous melodies from the famous operetta by Hungarian composer Franz Lehar, will take place in the alleys of Leonidion, in an alternative and interactive character version. Distinguished Greeks lyric artists of the Opera who excel in Greece and abroad, will travel us in the atmosphere of Paris in the 19th century, conjuring another era with nostalgia, intrigue, romance, love and…champagne!
Come spun together in the rhythm of the Viennese waltz and the Parisian cancan.
And if the merry widow is so cheerful and distributes millions, you are free to chase her…and good luck!

FRANZ LEHAR, The Merry Widow

The December 1905 gives the 20th century the Merry Widow of Lehár, that will become the most popular operetta of the century. The creator, certainly wouldn’t have thought the great success of the project nor the timelessness! The first staging of the project probably didn’t have a warm welcome, but soon would become a new model of its kind. Lehár, very soon listed amongst the richest composers of the century, as the person who combined the work of this pan-European air, the spirit of Habsburg Vienna, the Parisian atmosphere in the turn of the 19th century and the aesthetic Edourdianis season. None had the melodic richness, dance and singing placing successive waltz, the glow and heavenly erotic atmosphere!
The Merry Widow, is one of the operettas which have been performed with great success in the biggest opera houses in the world. In Paris, after the great success of the performances at the Palais Garnier, the French fans named it «très Parisienne». In Greece presented for the last time, in 2012 by the National Opera, with great success.
The play is about a beautiful and wealthy widow, Anna Gklavari from Pontevedra, a heavily indebted state in the Balkans. Baron Zeta, Pontevedra ambassador in Paris, must convince her to re-marry a local fellow, otherwise her legacy, that is so necessary for the state, will be lost. The charming Count Danilo Danilovich, Pouring into battle. He was once in love with Anna, so the feelings that revived from both sides, are true. Although Danilo’s mission will prove quite complicated, the end will be happy.

Resumes of the actors, are shown below

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