7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Al Mahabba

Al Mahabba which means “love” in Arabic, love to share with us their songs and their culture from the desserts, the canals of Nile, the arched streets of Tunisia, the fragrant and embellished Syrian markets making us companions of their uniquely beautiful music.

The Al Mahabba consists of seven members and it was founded in September 2003, with the aim of researching and performance of classical Arab music from the Middle East and the Arabic-speaking countries of North Africa. The band’s repertoire includes classic songs from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.
The songs are interpreted by the Syrian singer Nabil Al Sayeg, who is a connoisseur of Byzantine music and member of the Greek Byzantine Choir. Similarly, Greek musicians of the band have been studied Arabic music with important teachers in Greece and abroad.


The “Al Mahabba” are presented by: Nabil Al Sayeg-song, Pericles Pantoleon-oud, Nektarios Stamatelos-ney, Manos Epitropakis-cello, Journal Zaitidou-kanun, George Anagnostopoulos-percussion, John Efstathopoulos-percussion.


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