7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Dj Palov

Dj Palov was born and raised in Aegio. There he started working as a DJ.

In 2006 along with the Blend aka Mishkin founded the Cast-A-Blast. Later the two of them as «Palov and Mishkin», released widely recognized «Think Twice». DJ Palov served continuously in parallel editing and remixing for known labels like Tru Thoughts and Bastard Jazz.

His first solo album entitled «What’s that» was a collaboration with the guitarist Angelos Angelides. He edited remixes of musicians such as Caro Emerlad, Mo Horizons, Kill Emil, BNC and has shared the decks with names like Andy Smith, Quantic and Bonobo. In the present he works with the Panama Cardoon which run the label Carnibal.

When we talk about DJ Palov we should leave the words and let the music talks!

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