7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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The band Evocación is a shape that deals with the Argentine tango. It started as a piano trio (violin, cello, piano) playing classical music by Mozart as Rachmaninov. In search of a wider repertoire, met with the music of Astor Piazzolla and the classic Argentine tango.
The dances tango, milongas and valses are sometimes rough, almost crude and sometimes sensual and internal sound, but also the limitless possibilities of improvisation, gave to the band the need for any musical challenge.
With the addition of bayan, contrabass and collaboration with singer Stella Chronaiou, the band acquired its current composition.

Aiming the inextricable coexistence of musical expression, dance and speech, the choice of repertoire and the method of interpretation and orchestration, was formed. The Evocación try to lure the listener into a journey of senses of the mysterious dark tango of Piazzolla, the cute valses and the spirtozikes milongas of the ‘golden age’.

  • The Evocación are:
  • Stella Chronaiou (song)
  • Maria Delis (bayan)
  • Dennis Vervitsiotis (violin)
  • Ellie Dadiras (contrabass)
  • Michael Koumoutsakos (piano orchestrations)