7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Fanfare Tzigane

The brass band Gypsy Fanfare of Stojan Krstic  promises us a concert full of magic and charm of the Balkans. They come from Vladičin Han a place in South Serbia to take us through improvisations, in the land of the gypsy musical tradition (fanfare), the history of the place, people and culture.

The Fanfare Tzigane led by top trumpeter, Stojan Krstic, is one of the greatest and most original bands of Balkan gypsy music, with awards and recognition of some of the biggest festivals of its kind (Surdulica Festival, Guča Festival, etc.) and performances in Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and France.

The gypsy brass band consists of eight musicians from the Vladičin Han of South Serbia, the homeland of the gypsy musical tradition (fanfare). Improvisation and musical freedom of gypsy music are featuring the history of the place and people and express their craving for freedom.

“Here we are born with fanfare, married with fanfare and we die with fanfare”

Stojan Krstic

says Stojan Krstic-Tane, who in 1980 became a leader of the group, succeeding his father, from whom he also inherited the talent and knowledge. In the same year for the first time he took place at famous Guča Festival and won from the committee the recording of his first album. In 1986, he won the prize of the First Trumpet in Surdulica Festival.

In 1987 and 1998, the orchestra was awarded by the Radio of Belgrade for the best interpretation and conservation of the traditional music of southern Serbia. In 1988, they were honoured with the first prize in Surdulica Festival and the following year , with Stojan as Best Trumpet in Godzin Han Festival. In the 1992 and 1993 they won the same title in Vladičin Han Festival.

Finally, in 1996 as in 2001, the gypsy brass orchestra of Stojan Krstic-Tane took the title of Best Orchestra in Guča National Festival Festival. From then until 2008 they have received relevant prizes in local festivals. They had concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece and France.

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