7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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G.Marino- El.Karadimou

Gabriel Marino came to Greece from his native Argentina just a few years ago, carrying a great experience of the Argentine tango while Ellie Karadimou started from Greece to arrive in Argentina to study her beloved dance. Somewhere in the midst they met and since both of them had a great experience in teaching, organization and dance, they combined it to create a dancing couple with vision and faith in authentic tango.
In July 2011 they were crowned as European champions in the pan-European competition (Turin, Italy) and were finalist in global competition in Buenos Aires. They teach, dance and make choreographies in Greece and also travel abroad for performances and seminars (Argentina, England, Turkey, Germany, and Italy).

They formed the dance school «El Abrazo” with the idea to create a space dedicated to the authentic tango, as it danced and taught in its native country Argentina.
In the dance studio «El abrazo» the tango is thoroughly taught in all its forms and at all levels.
The school also offers dance lessons on broader education for anyone who wants to have a more comprehensive knowledge in dance, but also for the recreation.
The faculty offers the following courses:

  • Tango argentino / Tango escenario / Milonga / Vals / Tecnica
  • Barre a terre / Danza clasica / Modern dance
  • and a special package with full access to all courses!