Giorgos Kalogirou

Giorgos Kalogirou was born in Nicosia in 1981. From the age of eight he attended violin lessons with Georgia Orphanou and continued his education on the National Conservatoire under Dimitris Petridis with whom he also studied theoretically later on. He is a graduate of the Theological School at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki. At the same time he finishes the course for lute, folk songs and traditional theory of Byzantine music at the “En Hordais” school in Thessaloniki.
He also attended courses for Cretan lute with George Xylouris, seminars on the oud with Mehmet Bitmez, violin seminars with Baki Kemanci and seminars for composition and orchestration with Ross Daly.
He was a member and soloist of the choir «St. John” in Thessaloniki.
He participated as a performer on albums “… and their eyes dripping ” music and poetry by Chrysostomos Stamoulis ,George Themelis and Kyriakos Charalambides, ” Song of heron “music and lyrics by Chrysostomos Stamoulis, and ” Country narration ” music and poetry by Michalis Christodoulides Eurydice Pericles-Papadopoulou. He also collaborated with composer Christos Leontis. He has written music for theatrical performances, documentaries and television series .His first record was released in 2009 with title: «They were rite about the moon … «with his lyrics together with Panagiotis Thomas, Costas Montis , Kyriakos Charalambides , Michael Pasiardis Vasilis Michaelides and Stasinou. In 2010 was released the second album was titled “The teparissos”, poetry by Yannis Cyprus, attended by Sofia Papazoglou.

The band ‘Inland’, which he created with his colleagues, performs in Greece, Cyprus and England.

In September 2011 in Nicosia he performed his last compositional work with the concert on poems by George Seferis. Today he works as music teacher at a private school in Cyprus.

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