Martha Moreleon

MARTHA MORELEÓN (Mexico City, Mexico)


She started playing theater and singing since she was young. She studied classical singing with the famous tenor Jose Pulido and dramatic art in “Actors Studio Dimitrios Sarras” (annex Actors Studio in New York). In 1986 he took the first prize as an actor (Mexican-project) in the competition “youth theater of Mexico City.” She took part in important festivals (Mexico, USA, Cuba, P. Rico, Denmark, Cyprus and Greece). For years, she lives in Greece and worked with big names in the Greek music scene. It also collaborates with notable artists of the area of ​​Latin music and jazz. She teaches modern song in Nakas Conservatory. The most recent albums are:

  1. ‘‘Τίποτα δεν κρύβεται κάτω από τον ήλιο’’ (Σύννεφα με παντελόνια)
  2. ‘‘Cafe Asante’’ (solo and duet with Haig Yazdjian)
  3. ‘‘Τυφλές ελπίδες’’  (Petros Dourdoumpakis) in the song
  4. “No temas mas” (Μη σταματάς)  with Spanish verse
  5. ‘‘Πάμε πάλι’’ (Apurimac)
  6. ‘‘Φωνές κρουστών’’ (Βαγγέλης Καρίπης) for the magazine METRO
  7. “Mare Nostrum” The Voyager.
  8. “Παράθυρα ανοιχτά “’ (Apurimac)
  9. “Dialoggou Dance” Duók Sextet
  10. “Palmera” Martha Moreleón