7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Music Soup

The music soup group was originally formed as drumless trio, created in 2006 by the guitarist Nestor Dimopoulos and the singer-pianist Eugenia Karlafti. Since then, they play in jazz clubs and festivals as a quartet having presented various projects with different settings.

  • The drumless trio project  (piano/vox, guitar, bass) a tribute to Nat King Cole’s trio
  • Jazz Quartet Project The drumless trio project (piano/vox, guitar, bass, drums) straight ahead jazz
  • The dance party project (el. piano/vox, guitar, el.bass, bass) a funky-groovy homemade party mood project

and now the

  • Organ Trio Project (organ/vox, guitar/drums). Presenting  mainly original compositions.

They play their arrangements on jazz standards, blues and latin tunes,as well as original compositions, trying to approach music with fresh ideas but -at the same time- respecting the jazz tradition.
Main concern is the balance between the “group’s sound”, and the individuality of each musician as well as the balance between the arrangements and improvisation.
All these combine to achieve a spontaneous and “natural” interpretation of the music and at the same time creating the mood of a home made party.

Evgenia Karlafti and Nestor Dimopoulos have been playing together for almost a decade. Through those years they have built a large repertory covering a lot of jazz standards, bossa novas, blues, funky but also pop tunes with a jazzy twist and  have been composing their own music as well. They have created the Music Soup Group in 2006, a group meant to cover as many as possible​ different styles and moods. Have been playing continuously since then through out Greece and as an organ trio in Belgium (Art Base, Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club etc).

 Τhe Music Soup are:

  • Evgenia Karlafti (organ/vox)
  • Nestor Dimopoulos  (guitar)
  • Vaggelis Kotsabasis(drums)