7 – 10 July, Leonidio

Next time, next year!


Sounds based on  the Greek tradition, Smyrna and Rebetiko songs, as well as new compositions of the musical form with choral pieces and old versions, with a strong element of improvisation in organs and voice.

Reβetien travels their audience in space and time, broadcasting the musical tradition of urban folk song, as impressed by the gramophone records and the first recordings, influenced by the musical streets of the East, sometimes by mixing elements of the wider Balkan space.

The purpose of the musical form is to interact with the public to create a “warm atmosphere” through an extensive and highly selected repertoire, with a particular emphasis on the acoustic and natural sound of organs, referring to the sound of the Smyrnian orchestra of the interwar period.

The expressiveness and craftsmanship of musicians, combined with their intelligent and long-lasting musical interaction, create a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. At the same time, their ability to perceive the mood of the public can change the musical climate into a highly dynamic, extrovert, communicative and humorous.

The Rebetien were formed in Athens at the end of 2012 and since then they have appeared quite often in musical scenes and festivals in Athens, the Greek province and abroad. The band consists of Avgerini Gatsi (accordion, song), Fotis Vergopoulos (bouzouki, song), Kostis Kostakis (guitar, song) and Yiannis Zaria (violin, baglamas).