7 – 10 July, Leonidio

Next time, next year!

Solis Barki& Arawa

A talented percussionist and visual artist, Solis Barki,is distinguished by the ritual that he creates with particular instruments from around the world. Mperimpao, didgeridoo, whistles but also the pitcher, the bells, the sieves, the rattles. Sounds spirited, dramatic, decisive, majestic are all produced by percussion with membranes, the tabor, the toumperleki, the bendir and the bongos. It is a blend of world-music and improvisation.

The Solis Barki and percussion group ARAWA on a journey of rhythms and images.
The ARAWA are: Vaso Rachiotis, Harris Economidou ,Joanna Tsiavou, Vicky Polychroni, Apostolopoulos, Kostas and Nikos Tomazos Philippopoulos. Special guests: George Makris – wind, Joanna Ninos – dance.

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