7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Tsakonia, from the need to creation

Tsakonia is a well protected place by the mountain Parnonas. A place that maintained the special language, the traditions and customs, but forced to migrate, and seek for a better place with more opportunities. Tyros, Prastos, Kastanitsa, Sitena, Leondion, Saint Andreas, Sapounakeika, Pera Melana, Pragmateuti, Vaskina, Livadi, Sabatiki. The villages of tsakonia staring the Mirtoon Sea from above. The traditional local architecture is characterized by floor cottages with eathern floors, wooder roof and small windows, with a gallery at the main entrance, focus on the needs of the occupants of the house. Later, the buildings were formed in two stories with four-sided roof, with more and larger windows. The lower floor was stable and warehouse, the top, single-spaced or separated in two by thin inner wall with loggia.

Tsakonia used to be a difficult place for its inhabitants. The sea is the only way to seek their luck elsewhere, when the place is not enough to live on. But always returning to the birthplace and build houses, mansions and chateaus. Wealthy merchants traveled everywhere in Greece and beyond. Villages and communities in Asia Minor, Istanbul, the Black Sea, Russia, the Balkans, the Mediterranean. They turn to their place and make mansions, with high walls and barred windows because they were fear the pirates. And decorate them with care, with what they had seen in foreign lands. They build towers reminiscent Istanbul and Mistra and small saylor houses reminiscent Hydra captains.

Wonderful samples of craftmanship by the Tsakonian builders, who left samples of their work throughout the Tsakonia and Astros. The local architecture, evolution and influences have largely survived in all the villages and cities of Tsakonia. The majority of the buildings are still in use as housing residences, businesses, hotels and services.