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Gypsy swing

The gypsy jazz from France, jazz manouche.
Gypsy swing started as a form of jazz by guitarist Jean “Django” Reinhardt in 1930, who gave “gypsy” feeling in jazz swing era. Until 1950 he worked with a team of gypsy guitarists in Paris, including the brothers Baro, Sarane and Matelo Ferret, his brother Joseph “Nin-Nin” Reinhardt, and jazz violinist Stéphane Grappelli.
Many musicians dealt with this music, making it popular in Europe and America. They succeeded to create a serious branch of jazz as a tradition that influenced most modern jazz musicians.
The gypsy swing uses mainly acoustic instruments, replacing the drums with acoustic guitars and creates melodic, rhythmic, discreet and timeless music which is widely adopted among listeners.


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