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The term flamenco was first used in 19th century; it is defined as a type of music and dance coming from Spain.
Flamenco embodies a complex musical and cultural tradition. It originally came from the region of Andalusia, where it was developed as a separate subculture with a center in Seville, Cadiz and Malaga, but eventually it evolved into a feature piece of the whole culture of Spain, incorporating and transforming folk music elements in diverse musical forms and other regions such as Murcia and Extremadura.
Flamenco was created by the unique coexistence and mix of Arab, Andalusian, and Gypsy culture in Andalusia before and after the Recapture, (722-1492), the historical period during which Christians Kings re-conquered Spain from Muslims.

Typical musical instrument is the guitar flamenco.

In 2010, UNESCO has integrated the flamenco in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


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