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 Funk is a musical genre that began in the late ’60s, when Afro-American musicians mixed sounds of soul, jazz and R & B and created a new form of music with a strong rhythm that could be danced. The funk is not based only in melody and harmony, but instead it brings a strong sense of bass and drums to the foreground. The songs are often based on an extended improvisation of a single chord, and in this way it is easily distinguished from the R & B and Soul music.

Like many other kinds of music emanating from Africa, the funk is basically composed of a complex mix of rhythmic instruments such as electric guitar, electric bass, Hammond organ and drums. The usual ensembles playing funk consist of one or two players and use brass, holes saxophones, trumpets and sometimes trombone.

 Many of the most famous bands of this genre also played disco and soul music. In addition, some parts of funk music are extensively used in various genres, such as hip hop, house and drum & bass. It is also the basic influence of the go-go dance hall music which is a subsequent genre associated with funk.

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