7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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The trumpet is an aero-phone musical instrument, with shaped metal mouthpiece cup, which belongs to the family of brass. In its original form, as a trumpet, from the ancient Greeks, it was known to the Egyptians, the Jews and the Romans. It was originally made of wood, then later of metal (bronze, silver) and after, as we know it today of copper.
It was consisted of a long tube with different lengths from the end of the 1 AD century and then it got wider, resulting in a moderate-sized bell.
Inability of the trumpet to produce all the notes remained until 18th century when a mechanism was introduced to assist in the production of all phonemes. As a military, musical instrument, it was originally introduced in the orchestra in the early 17th century, but became better known during the 19th century. It has a pungent and radiant complexion tone and great technical features. The development of the subtle art of the trumpet has made many composers to use it as a melody instrument with the same agility as woodwind instruments and now it is very popular as band and orchestral instrument, especially in the traditional music of Macedonia, as well as jazz and ska.

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