7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Our Mediterranean menu

Melijazz (meaning) (1). kind of jazz music played only in Leonidion, Arcadia and necessarily accompanied by delicious appetizers and real tsakonian eggplant dishes.(2) that very special jazz sensation that leaves the palate sweet as honey  from the taste of Tsakonian eggplant, either cooked or fresh. (3) ethno-jazz festival with Leonidio as a host and a lot of Mediterranean visitors with their culture, flavors, music and dance.

The nobility of the Tsakonians and inheritance of wealth which they gained as merchants and seamen in the 19th century is very much reflected at famous mansions and Tsakonic carpets. One of those magic Tsakonian carpets will host this year cultures from different corners of the Mediterranean with narrow streets and ornate architecture of Leonidio, with music and song, dance, taste and gastronomy, cinema, Tsakonian language, tradition and pure fusion. Different worlds, different events, but still connected.

Just a small taste from our Mediterranean menu:

Flamenco : A flamenco pop project, with contemporary melodies and choreographies of traditional and modern flamenco.

Oriental & belly dance : Traditional music from Middle East and Arabian belly dance

Percussion : A feast of percussion (and not only) from various bands, with instruments from all around the Mediterranean and the world.

Gypsy jazz : Mainly gypsy swing but also blues, gospel, funk, soul, reggae. Pure and “processed” melodies and plenty of room for dancing!

Balkan copper : Serbian masters on the streets with Balkan jazz and traditional gypsy brass instruments “fanfare”

Cypriot melodies : With lute and good moods, new and traditional music by talented young musicians

DJ set : famous Greek DJ and producer in a freestyle set full of energy with swing, latin, soul sounds, funky mood, reggae, hip-hop beats and exotic rhythms. Special music for special hours.

Melijazz junior : A “mythical” theatrical performance with interactivity, dramatic play and even more, in an evening dedicated to small “melijazz” friends.

Tsakonian corner : Tribute to Tsakonian traditional textile art, exposed carpets and textiles and demonstration on “tsakoniko tsilika tsai kilini” (Tsakonian carpet and rug), along with local cuisine, music, dancing and treats.

Cyprus corner : From Troodos ,Cyprus, with dance, songs and lute, with local tastes, products and treats, with love!

Arabian corner: Music, shisha( clay) , coffee and backgammon

Flamenco dance classes and belly dance, short seminars for beginners and advanced guests of the festival (with certificate)

And much more!

And our Tsakonian journey in the Mediterranean continues.
Stay in touch for more info, competitions and new events.


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