Plastic people

The Plastic People was formed in 1997 in Athens. Their repertoire – well known black music (funk, soul, disco, R & B, reggae) – but also their experience in the field of live performing made them one of the most successful funky bands in Greece.
Their live performances create party atmosphere and mood for dancing.
The core members of the group are Vicky B. and Giannis Skullas which have started with «Southern Cross Club” from 1998 to 2001.
They constantly played at different places such as: ” Beers Live” beer-restaurant, “House of the Rising Sun” bar, “A Liar Man” bar-restaurant, “Enteka” bar-restaurant and “The Wall”.
They’ve done a series of hits with tribute to black music firmly in places like “Mike’s Irish Bar” (2002), “Stage live” (2003), “Soul Stereo” (2003-2004), ” Five Quarters ” (2004), “Deluxe ” (2004-2005) and have participated in many events and happenings at sites in Athens and throughout Greece . The Plastic People, although considered an eminently funky group, are quite flexible in ther repertoire.
Funk, soul, disco, R & B, Reggae and rock, blues, latin-rock, rock’n’roll are some of the types of music they play.they choose hits by artists such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Donna Summer, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Sting, Santana, Prince, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Pretenders, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blondie etc.

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