7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Sazman band

The Sazman is an open ensemble exploring musical paths of the Balkans, from Romania to Turkey and from Serbia to Bulgaria and back to Greece. Like a gypsy caravan their music reflects a dynamic ensemble of strings and percussion, flanked by male and female vocals.
The Sazman invite us to a feast of Balkan sounds, the music without borders and styles that echo’s those restless hearts, the music that ends with the reunion of souls , the musical journey that unites Serbian songs, gypsy sounds and the brass of Macedonia with the sensuality of East.
With their current composition they appeared in 2010 at several music scenes across Greece (int: 1002 Nights-Athens-Patras EDCI EVAN, Suite Art Cafe-Trikala, Fishbone-Aegio etc.) and various festivals (int.: Cinnamon festival-Ladon Lake Festival “Journey” Prefecture of Lesvos-Mytilini, Anti-Racist Festival Patras etc.)
he Sazman are:

– Nina Karamolegou (voice)

– Costas Tsarouhis (vocals, bass)

– Dimitris Anastasiou (violin)

– Christina Kouki (santouri)

– Kostas Nikolopoulos (accordion)

– Dimitris Tsoukas (percussion)

– Chris Papanagiotou (percussion)

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