7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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batucada new

Batucada could be defined simply as a percussion musical encounter, but this definition is not sufficient to describe the awesome power and feel that is able to create this “jam” percussion driven by the bateria. It is a series of musicians playing percussion led a conductor, who whistles, yelling and screaming their guides, so all together ‘attack’ on the senses of the audience. The Batucada is characterized by repetitive style and fast pace. Includes a variety of instruments such as drum Surdo, the sound of which is like the heartbeat percussion hand held like Agogôs (bells), the Ganzás (metal tube filled with beads that make noise when moving), the Tambourim (tambourine hit with a stick) and the surreal scream Cuíca (percussion popping sound through friction).