The history of samba-treatment launched from a Japanese-Brazilian who lives in Italy. Samba-treatment does not have an age limit. It is a physical activity, relaxed and creative. It is a preventive treatment for joint and circulatory problems, is an anti-stress, tones and strengthens muscles and soul. Improves personal relationships and helps to conquer self-awareness. It is a creative and simple method, which releases energy, creates harmony, rhythm and joy.

«When you dance, you’re treating yourself without realizing it. The key point is that when you move, hormones of joy begin to excreting in your brain. Also, the samba is a sexy dance. You must let your shyness and let your body be expressed, swinging and rejoice. You must touch another with respect and give him love. One thing on which I insist is that when we dance we do everything with a smile! You must dance with a smile, even though you doesn’t really feel it.»

Cristina Baptista

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