7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Tsikalioti’s Tower

The reinforced, with nails and double iron bars, gate turns us back in 1808, year of Tower ‘s construction by Constantinos Tsikaliotis, he was the scion of the oldest families of Tsakonia.

Forward to visitor’s eyes turrets, arches, loggia, crypts and secret symbols are scattered everywhere. Characteristic type of defensive residence with Byzantine influences, the tower with the big wall becomes impregnable. In the main entrance of the house we can see handmade locks, knockers and ornate rosettes forming number eight, the number of good luck. Inside of the tower lofts, woodcarving pieces and beautiful ceilings, floors with white, gray and black marbles, fireplaces with chimneys one inside the other.

Loft where the candidate brides could see the groom and his family. The young women were serving bitter coffee to the groom if they didn’t like him and sweet if they liked him. It is no coincidence that it has classified as “one of the most beautiful buildings of Ottoman period in the Peloponnese”.