7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Nestor Leontos Varveris (1867-1954) – Paint Exhibition

Sixty years after his death and he still remains unknown at the general public. He was born at 1867 in Leonidio, he was the eldest son of the family Varveri. He was born deaf and dumb, and for that reason his family wanted to make him a shoemaker! However from early he showed his inclination and studied at the School of Fine Arts of Athens and later at the same school at Paris where he won the first prize in pencil and Second Prize in oil. The religious and historical subjects, along with portraits, was particularly popular in this gifted artist. His nephew, Leo Nicholas Varveris in 1983 donated some tables of the painter in the municipality of Leonidio. Some of them are still exist in Syros, where there was a second family home, and the National Gallery of Athens.

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