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Manolis Chiotis: The soloist who feared the Jimi Hendrix

Chiotis at the 40s, played guitar. During the Interwar period, he left to America where he played as a guitarist, and came into contact with the Afro- Cuban – Latin music, blues and jazz.

When he returned, he invented the four-string bouzouki in order to catch guitar chords rather than three-string chords. His technique was guitaristic, hence the incredible solo that he have done. How the Latin music influenced him, is evident at scales and rates: almost all of his songs are rumba, samba … and also he was the first who made “folk” orchestras with Latin instruments (wind instruments, percussion etc.) .

One famous example is the song “My Past Loves “rumba of ” the few , with perhaps the best solos ever played on stringed (instrument)! And we are talking about crazy speeds. Chiotis was all the money! It is the time when Jimi Hendrix heard him and was impressed… The song of Manolis Chiotis “kicked and yet I love her” was found in the file of Jimi Hendrix at the time of Chiotis toured in America … and you say how is it possible?!.

However Hendrix and Chiotis had been in Chicago, when they were playing at nearby shops, and there they met, while Hendrix considered him as the greatest virtuoso of its kind! And you shudder how today where is supposed that we “know everything”, without understanding, we “snubbed” our authenticity and our uniqueness !

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