7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Aggeliki Toubanaki – Circlesong

The “circlesong” is a group of people playing music with their voice as the only music instrument!

Together, with Angeliki we will improvise rhythmically and melodically, harmonize and will explore the possibilities of our voice, creating a circlesong, a vocal game that will give us knowledge, joy and freedom of musical expression.

You do not have any special musical knowledge, or to think if you have a “good voice”. All you need is an appetite for the game, open mind and heart!

The circlesong, or song cycles, is a fairly common practice abroad, where essentially a group of people gathered under the guidance of a teacher of music or voice, to improvise vocals.

The “Circlesong” is a workshop which will be:
a) Presentation: Human voice, anatomy and function of the human voice
b) Play: circlesong.

Ages: From 14 years and above.
Special musical knowledge: None
Appetite for joy and music: a lot!