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America, America

USA, 1963, black & white, Duration 160’

Oscar stage. Golden Globe Best Director. Oscar nominations for best film, film direction and screenplay.

Directed by Elia Kazan. Screenplay: Elia Kazan from his novels. Photography: Chaskel Wexler. Cast: Stathis Gialelis Frank Wolfe, Harry Davis, Elena Karam, Lou Antonio, Gregory Rozakis.

America, America is the most personal creation of Elia Kazan, which tells the true story of his uncle’s struggle, to escape from the violent treatment of Turks and emigrated to America-The country of freedom- in the early 20th century. The movie’s screenplay based on his own book, was nominated for the Adapted Screenplay Oscar. The hero of the novel , Stauros, is a serious young Greek. Being the eldest son at his family, his father based on himto improve his family situation. But Stauros has other dreams. He want to leave his country for the country of great opportunities and wealth, America. But in order to reach his target he must suffer, overcome countless difficulties and compromised. However he is willing to make any sacrifice in order to get to America and not disappoint his family’s faith.