7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Babis Paulopoulos – Τowers and Fortified Residences

Babis Pavlopoulos was born in Athens. He studied Business Administration at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, while dealt professionally with photography. Early, he started to photoshoot the  the remaining samples of Greek traditional architecture.

He has worked with travel magazines «Explore Nature», «Geotropio” and “Greek Panorama”.

He published the books: “Towers and fortresses Houses Peloponnese, 15th-19th century” (album), “Kerkini” and “Monasteries in Greece, 15 centuries of history and architecture.” Also, calendars – albums: “Greek Wetlands” in 2009, “Of the Greek Villages” in 2010, “Mountains Periegesis” for 2011, and the wall calendars: “Monasteries of Peloponnese” in 2008, “Petrogefyra” for 2009, “European Medieval Castles” in 2012, “Moments of Greece” and “Wild” in 2013.


“The traditional architecture in the Peloponnese and the positioning of Kynouria and Leonidio within it”

The photo exhibition of Babis Pavlopoulos will take place on 3, 4, July 5, 2015 in the courtyard of the mansion Chatzipanagiotis.

Babis Pavlopoulos will present this work and his work generally, in speech and discussion that will take place Saturday, July 4, at 20:00 in the hotel’s courtyard.

Organization of these events: Hotel Chatzipanagiotis

With the support of Melitzazz 2015.