7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Old Bike Club Αργολίδας – Old bike exhibition and rides…

With love for the old bike, cycling and promoting friendship, solidarity and heritage of their homeland, the club “OLD BIKE CLUB Argolidos” (Club Old Bike Argolidos) has been founded. Their goal is the promotion of cycling culture and advertising the Argolic culture as a basis for a new type of social living, harmonized with the modern lifestyle.

The fundamental operating principles of “OLD BIKE CLUB ARGOLIS” are:
– Offer
– Teamwork
– Creativity
– Ethos
– Subtlety
– Solidarity
– Courage
– Unity

We meet in the streets of Argolida and in many other locations, with the motto: “LETS PUT THE OLD BIKE IN OUR LIFE”

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