7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Karibaka Argiro / Painting – Sculpture Exhibition

Argyro Karympaka was born in Patras from Arcadian parents. She studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts, taught by Michael Tompros and Yannis Moralis (1952-1957). Simultaneously, in these years, she learned the art of terracotta in the workshop of potter John Delavinia in Maroussi and architectural design at the drawing of Paul Patrinos. She collaborated with Yiannis Negreponti in hes report on “Women in New Forms” and she presented poems set to music from the series “Feminist”. Also, she presented designs with embroidery set out by her sister Maria Olympian in School Marouda and white embroidery designs briskly which issued a book. He collaborated on several films of Finos Films.

The materials she treats for sculptures is clay (terracotta), cement, plaster, stone, marble, wood, copper foil and brass but mostly various stones of Aegina where she stayed most of the time from 1968 to 1991. The stones are the material she loved most of all.

Since 1991, lives and works in Kiveri, where she spent the summers of her childhood. Her works are in private collections in Vorres Museum, the National Gallery etc.

She is member of the Artistic Chamber of Greece and consultant of the Association of Sculptors of Greece. Her work featuring anthropocentrism. He believes in communicating the work of art with man.

She has participated in 49 group exhibitions in various cities of Greece and abroad. Also she has made 29 Sculpture, Painting and mixed solo exhibitions .

More information about the projects and exhibitions of the artist, here