7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Windows of Leonidio

Το Αγελήδι τάσου από τα παναθούρια

What is so interesting about the windows of Leonidio? They witness past events ,they convey messages, they offer incredible view of Leonidio. And through the shots of the camera depicting the past and present, an imaginary trip unfolds to a myth of the place and the story of the earliest traces of human presence in the naval tradition which was created in response to the challenges that residents had to deal with .A trip which animates the echo of the past in a continued dialogue with nowdays routine and shows the natural beauty, the cultural wealth of the region and the lives of people .

  The present study address issues related to memory, identity, the human contribution to the landscape, the cultural reality created by the interaction of natural and socio-economic environment. The specification is based on the use of archival material, literature, personal interviews and fieldwork in an attempt to record the historical, economic and social development of Leonidio. The apposition of information seeks to offer everyone the opportunity to discover their own approach path to this place according to the needs of their  soul, senses and  their pursuits.

Zacharoula Tural, Dr. of  Social Anthropology

Popi Tsoukatou, Philologist -Photographer