7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Elementary School of Leonidio

The history of the school begins on October 4th in 1905 at the office of  the notary Constantine D. Bekyrou and in the presence of the witnesses John Elias the physician, Evangelos Antoniou Rozakis the  lawyer, Theodore D. Goulenou the lawyer where a donation of aland was made by the Gymnastics Association “The Leonidion” from Municipality Limnos.With the help of the great national benefactor Andreas Syggros the  work  started immediately and ended in 1908. The school complex was consisted of two buildings, the first which was built a donation of A. Syngrou and the second which was built later. The school operated in this form until 1985 when the second building was demolished and replaced by a new modern building.

The first building, which was built by sponsorship of A. Syngrou was restored after a century of operation through the funds of the Ministry of Culture and the supervision of the OSK in order to maintain unchanged its architectural splendor.

Great personalities of Greek culture use to sit in the benches of this school such as onstantine Ouranis – Poet, George Sarantaris – Poet, Leo Varveris – Painter, Vrasidas Tsouchlos – President  of Artistic Chamber etc. All of them in conjunction with the architecture of the school make it a unique spiritual and cultural center of our country, for over a century.