7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Rousali Residence-1864

The “indigo home” of Leonidio dominates in the fringes of red rock.

It was built in 1864, and behind the iconostasis in the wall there is the inscription “KETS 1864”.It is not a typical mansion that you can find in Leonidio but the way it was built still makes it a part of traditional architecture.

It has typical L-shaped with two-floors. Downstairs there is an arch  is, which was used by the tinker John Kolendrianos, which is why it has an intense black color.Upstairs there is a large hall and room with fireplace. In the past, before the family Rousali added an extra space the house had two entrances. Remarkable point of the house is the mural that is in the main room a male figure, a monk holding a nail in his hand.