7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Climbing wall

A similar wall will be built in Leonidio and will be available to our dynamic visitors and young friends during the Melitzaz Festival 2017, with the support of the climbers group of the Canyon Mountain Climbers Association. The wall will be available to the public at Iroon Square in Leonidio.

For more information:    Ioannis Metaxotos – 6944381024

Climbing Leonidio Park

Leonidio is undoubtedly a place intimately linked to the impressive, 250-meter high, red hill. Kokkinovrachos, as the locals call it, dominates over the city center and magnifying. But the wider area of Leonidion is also  flooded by smaller slopes, where there is a huge untapped potential for creating hundreds of new climbing routes, just a stone’s throw away from the city center.

Nowadays, with the funding of the local LEADER program, the big vision of creating a climbing-sports park Leonidio is a reality, consisting of about 100 new climbing routes,  with respect to nature and with particular love for the place.

The installation of permanent fences in the rock allows  “free climbing” with maximum safety, minimizing the consequences of a possible fall. In this way, the plowman stays focused on kinesiology, testing increasingly difficult moves and paths.
Free climbing is characterized as climbing  used to promote only the natural relief of the rock and not the artificial anchor points.

Undoubtedly, Leonidio brings together all the elements that will make it a popular climbing destination. The traditional character of the city is largely consistent with the culture and lifestyle of the climbing world, and the mild, Mediterranean climate combined with prolonged periods of sunshine allows climbing activity for most of the time.