7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Climbing wall

A similar wall will be set up in Leonidio and will be available for dynamic guests during the 2013 festival, with the support of the people of AMS – Athenian Mountaineering Association and the local people.
The wall will be available in Leonidio and after the festival, under the project “Creating climbing park in Leonidio” which has as an objective to create approximately 100 new climbing routes, and it is funded by the LEADER program and Development Agency of Parnona .

Climbing park of Leonidio

Leonidion  undoubtedly, is a place intimately connected with its impressive 250 meters high red slope.Kokkinovrahos ( Red Rock) as the local call it overlook the city centre and magnitize the spectators.Even the surrounding area of Leonidio is flooded by lower slopes, and there is a huge untapped potential to create hundreds of new climbing routes, walking distance from the city center.
It is evident that with the financing of the local program LEADER, the grand vision of creating sport-climbing park of Leonidio is becoming reality, and it will consist of approximately 100 new climbing routes with sport character, with respect to nature and more affection for this place.
By the term climbing-sports park we mean the existence of a sufficient number of organized climbing routes, which will be equipped with permanent insurance. This can be an autonomous rock volume or a part of a larger slope, which has a plurality of adjacent equipped climbing routes.An organized field climbing gathers all of the above, plus the necessary access infrastructure (trails, signage) and information (driver recorded tracks), as well as a vertical path that connects the ground to the top of a slope.
The placement of permanent insurance allows the rock ‘free climbing’ with utmost safety, minimizing the consequences of a fall. In this way the climber remains committed to kinesiology and testing increasingly difficult movements and routes.
The term free climbing is used to promote only the natural relief of the rock and not artificial anchor points.
Undoubtedly, the town of Leonidio is doing all the necessary preparation that would make it a popular climbing destination. The traditional character of the town is broadly in line with the culture and the attitude of the climbing world and mild Mediterranean climate combined with prolonged periods of sunshine allows the climbing activity in the majority of time.

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