7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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History, tradition, architecture, nature- Leonidio has it all.

It is officially classified as a historic site, a traditional settlement, located within the protected network Natura 2000, it has recognized the tsakonian eggplant as PDO  (protected designation of origin) product while the inhabitants still speak the-endangered-Tsakonian language.
Furthermore it features a gorge, a giant red rock towering over the city, over three hundred old mansions and tower houses ( Tsikalioti most famous) , alleys for endless walks and beautiful beaches from Lakko to Plaka and Poulithra.
It is also the capital of the municipality Kynouria and the Tsakonia. How can you not visit it?

Leonidio is one of the oldest maritime states in Greece.

The city’s name comes, according to tradition, from the Holy Leonidas and his witnesses (3rd c.), whose remains were washed ashore on the beach.
Leonidio in Tsakonian language is Agielidi.
To the town is characterized by picturesque local architecture, unique in the region. Typical sample is city center with its central street, and many beautiful mansions scattered around, with beautiful gates, distinctive colors in coatings and luxurious interiors.
Some of them are tower houses, with impressive tower forms.
Among them the special place has the Tsikalioti Tower (1808). This tower is one of the oldest buildings in the Peloponnese and it was constructed during the Turkish occupation.
The interior has beautiful wood paneling and a huge fireplace. It has been restored and designated as a museum. Occasionally it hosts art exhibitions and events.
Other towers that are typical for the area are the Politimou (1816) and the tower of Noufris, three-storey structure with a small arched openings and battlements, built in the 18th century. Also great importances have mansions with extremely painted ceilings like mansion Giannousi (representation tubes layered with pebbles effect of Spetses traditional technique).

Remarkable and historical significance are several churches in the city such as the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, Saint Catherine, Saint Sunday, the Holy Archangels.
On a hill that overlooks the city the three old windmills are preserved.
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