7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Radio España

The Radio España started in 2011 with the guitarist Timo , the singer Paul Spyros Christoglou and flamenco singer Yota “Baron”.

Along the way two more people joined, percussionist Pedro Fabian and flamenco dancer Dimitra Karagiannis.Driven by love for the Spanish-flamenco pop songs, they started working on them, making covers of known hits which were playing occasionally at Spanish radio stations.That is how the project “A-morerias” was born that contains all of these adaptations, which are updated regularly.

Meanwhile, they work on their first album in 2013.

They have participated in festivals in Athens and Thessaloniki and had many live performances in small and large areas of Athens and Thessaloniki (Fringe festival 2011, Block 33 – opening of Amparo Sanchez’s concert, Tapas bar, Life, etc.)


You loved.. and you hurt..and you hurt others..
And you were not loved..
And you got married..
And you cheated..
And you were stuck..
And you got crazy..
So what???
Come to listen to our music and everything will be ok!

A pleasant musical encounter with flamenco pop hits from Niña Pastori, Yona, Soniquete, Chambao, Ojos de Brujo.

YOTA “BARON Flamenco singer


Yota “Baron” started playing flamenco dancing in 2000, attending classes in Greece and Spain, with famous maestros of the genre, such as Israel Galvan, Javier Baron, Rosario Toledo, Mercedes Ruiz, Blanca del Rey, Joaquin Grilo and Leonor Leal.
She began studying flamenco songs from 2005 with an objective to understand better the thorough communication between music and dance. She attended seminars in Greece and Jerez de la frontera in Andalusia, with singers like Eva Rubicci, Mercedes Perez, Mati Gomez and Jose Anillo. She has worked with various shapes bands in Greece: Ronda al alba, … Fuera de, Grupo Cadenas, Grupo de palo y madera and guitarist of Rocio Molina, Manuel Cazas.

She teaches art and flamenco songs and participates in related performances.

Dimitra Karagianni,  FLAMENCO dancer


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