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Aggeliki Toubanaki & the Buzz Bastardz

Balkan frenetic rhythms, streets of the East and Mediterranean melodies are mixed with jazz harmony, crossover improvisations, vocalisms, creating emotions, atmospheres and images that alternate constantly.

The multifarious vocalist and performer Aggeliki Toumpanaki with six virtuosos and special musicians, who formed the Buzz Bastardz , are considered as one of the most dynamic musical proposal of world jazz scene in Greece, which already counts eight years presence.

Their exuberant stigma presented at their first album, with original compositions and inventive covers in seven different languages with Valkan/jazz elegance of sound and one unique passion to the performance of each song.

From the distinct interpretation of Sodade of Cesaria Evora, the ecstatic electric version of Aydin Zeybek “I learned that you are crafty” and deeply emotional performance in Romany language of the Roma anthem, “gelem gelem” … in original songs in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

The project started initially by Angeliki Toumpanaki in 2007 as a musical performance named “Colpo grosso, with traditional compositions covers of Balkans, Mediterranean, Anatolia and Latin America. It renamed to “Toubanaki & the Buzz Bastardz” in October 2010 adding jazz structures and modern harmonies. This project consist of prominent musicians of the domestic jazz scene, distinguished in Greece and abroad.

Their common aim is the  freedom of expression, the happiness for music which comes through knowledge, improvisation, experimentation and the intersection of different musical roots. This project has been featured in various music halls, theaters and jazz world festivals in Greece.

Dynamic interpretations, musical “naughtiness” and authentic tastes ….from the unique ..

Toubanaki & the Buzz Bastardz”:

  • Angeliki Toumpanaki: song
  • Vasilis Ketentzoglou: electric guitar, compositions
  • Pantelis Stoikos: trumpet, kaval
  • Yiannis Papanastasiou: alto, soprano saxophone
  • Apostolos Kaltsas: electric bass
  • John Papagiannoulis: percussion kit (ntarmpouka, PLK, kachon, congas, tabor, Bong)
  • Doumanis Elias: drums

Information about the debut album

The Sound / Sound Mixing took place at Kyriazis Studios, by Tassos Bakasieta
The Mastering took place in New York, USA, at Sterling Sound Studio from Steve Fallone.
Design & Plasticines: designpark
Photography: Bitsaropoulos George
Production: Angeliki Toumpanaki

The album comes as a natural product from the company “Metronomos” and in digital form, from the “Hidden Track Records”

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Bio Aggeliki Toubanaki

Aggeliki Toubanaki is a jazz vocalist. She deals with jazz, folk rhythms and music and the exploration of voice possibilities. She is the creator and lead singer of projects «Toubanaki & the Buzz Bastardz» (fusion balkan jazz) and «Jazz plus» project (modern vocal jazz). She attended the jazz workshops «Veneto Jazz Workshops» (Italy), with professors from the New School For Jazz And Contemporary Music in New York and jazz master classes with the composer and vocalist JD Walter, jazz improvisation sessions with vocalists Rene Marie, Sheila Cooper and Deborah Carter.

She has also attended Rythmology seminars with the dancer  Francisco Jose Suarez Barrera, Indian classical song (dhrupad) with Uday Bhawalkar, Persians classical song by Mamak Khadem, Flamenco song by Vicente Gelo, Maib Land Polyphonic Song Museum of Popular Instruments, Bulgarian song the Tzvetanka Varimezova and classic Ottoman song by Ahmet Erdogdular at Labyrinth Musical Workshop organized by Ross Daly.

She studied in the department of jazz (improvisation, harmony, piano) at the Athenaeum Conservatory with Silvio Syrros, while studied voice technique SLS with Sofia Noiti. At the past she has attended classical singing, classic guitar and traditional percussion(tabor, bendir) lessons. She teaches phonetics and she is responsible for the vocal circle at Rizopoulou Conservatory.

Aggeliki Toumpanaki is the creator, producer and singer of the musical performance «Colpo Grosso» which directed and presented in various musical and theatrical scenes from 2008 to 2010.

She has previously worked with the internationally renowned bassist Cameron Brown (Bassano del Grappa, Italy 2010), the famous percussionist Onur il (Descarga project 2013).

She has participated in various festivals like Jazz + Praxis (2014), Fougaro Jazz Festival 2014, Frank Zappa Festival (2014), Festival Athens World Music Festival (Technopolis, 2012) with the Symphony Orchestra, Athens Christmas Festival “World Music” (2011), Athens Christmas Jazz Festival (2011), Art Resistance (Keratea 2011), Music Heaven (2011), Resistance Festival (2010), International Festival of Patras (2009), Theatre Festival Rocks “Melina Mercouri” (2008), Festival Polyphonic song (Petra Theatre, 2007). She has appeared in music and theater scenes in Athens like Gazarte, Mikro Pallas, Half Note, Byzantine Museum, Glass Musical Theatre, Cell, Janus, Bios, etc. and abroad (London, Oxford, Reading, Newcastle, Bassano del Grappa).

She has recently completed her first album with her band «Toubanaki & the Buzz Bastardz». Except from “Jazz plus” project with jazz guitarist Dan Gregory, and bassist Kostas Konstantinou, she also cooperates with Gypsies “Sam Roma”, the jazz pianist Aleko Orfanos the project “Oh no .. Frank Zappa”, the harpist Maria Christina & the 7 pedals in a special “on the edge” project, with loops, pedals and misshapens and finally she cooperates with drummer Elias Doumani an original experimental “Jazztronica Drums-Voice duet”.

Aggeliki Toumpanaki except from a musician she is also a Molecular Biologists and Doctor of the Medical School of Athens University in Molecular Biology.

She dedicates her time to the music and to the exploration of the voice capabilities.


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