7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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The music ensemble of traditional instruments “Dithen” is one of the oldest bands, in existence since 1994 in the musical events of Smyrna and rebetiko song. It studies and performs a repertoire containing songs and music from the tradition of Minor Asia, Estudiantina of Smyrna and Constantinople, as well as songs from the Piraeus School of Rebetiko. It seeks to create an atmosphere and aesthetics that refers to ways of entertainment of a different era, the era that the music they study flourished. They have collaborated with some of the most historic taverns and musical scenes of Athens, they have made music performances in important cultural sites in Attica, on islands and cities of Greece and abroad, while they have also recorded the presence of the album “glikias avgis antamoma”.

Dithen are:
• Nikos Mourgelas: Kanoon
• Giannis Karamanis: Guitar
• Vivi Voutsela: Oud and Vocals
• Michalis Danias: Violin

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