7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Caja Secreta

The “Caja Secreta” is a music dance group that derives its inspirations from the art of Flamenco. From the 2009, they have a vivid presence in the artistic life of Thessaloniki, and since then they made significant performances in various festivals, theaters, music scenes all over Greece and important recordings and presentations for television and radio.

“Caja Secreta” ‘s program is composed of original compositions that designate the new contemporary style of “nuevo flamenco”. The group’s appearances offer to the audience what they long to experience: A journey into the word of flamenco, whose rhythms always travels to the intensity of the flamenco moment!

Niovi Benou: dance
Lydia Kokoria: flute
Pavlos Spiropoulos: contrabass
Giorgos Xanthopoulos: percussions
Thomas Natsis: guitar