7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Giorgos Papadogiannis&Efi Sarantis “From Marko to Xioti”

Since 1993 Giorgos Papadogiannis and Efi Sarantis have begun to engage in rembetic music. Separated at the beginning, they appeared in many Athenian spots participating in various small and larger orchestras, playing and singing bouzouki and guitar, respectively.

When they met in 1996, they decided to make their first duet with bouzouki and guitar and they continued to appear professionally,with many “special” performances.
Their performances are distinguished by excellent selection of tracks, musically and lyrically and timbral to fit perfectly into the style of the instruments they use every time, in fidelity for implementation in the style, era and character of the pieces, but also in the well musical performance.

They have appeared in many scenes and venues in Greece and abroad, in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

“Rebetika B ‘Side” (2003): A performance dedicated to the lesser-known rebetiko songs of well-known composers, mainly from 1945 to 55. This performance has been played in Greece for several years.
“Rebetika with guitars” (since 2007): This performance focuses mainly on the unknown songs of Manolis Chiotis recorded in the period 1946-48 with the guitar in the lead role, as well as composers of other prominent guitarists of the period such as K Karipis, K. Skarvelis, S. Chryssinis and others. It was hosted in Greece and in several places in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

“Django Chiotis-Manolis Reinhardt” (2008): Two unique performances with great success, which gave their views on the common elements of these two different species of the same period.

“The sound of the bouzouki over time from 1930-1960” (2011): Concerns the bouzouki and the course of the first recordings in 1930, as the masters of the 50s. He has been hosted in Greece and various stages in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands (Art Base, De Centrale, CC Muziek Cafe, Rosario, etc.)

Date: Thursday 6/7, at 23:00
Place: Square 28th October